COLLECTION ZERO is our first silk scarf collection and was created in collaboration with friends of Lottozero: artist and illustrator Anna Deflorian, the Parisian textile designer Coralie Prévert, Lottozero co-founder Arianna Moroder, graphic design Studio Mut from South Tyrol, and the Russian artist and designer Nadia Grechina. It's 100% Made in Italy from the finest silk twill and silk/modal fabrics, perfectly digitally printed and finished with absolute expertise.



designed by Nadia Grechina


For our Collection Zero series, Nadia Grechina designed scarves with beautiful, colourful prints. The design comes in two variations: green or pink. 

Nadia Grechina was born in the Soviet Union in 1986. A rich experience in various fields of artistic design gave her the opportunity to come to Italy. She works in a historical textile company and builds a dialogue with the world through her works. She keeps on dreaming, colouring and nourishing the imagination at the crossroads between east and west.



designed by Studio Mut


MUT is Studio Mut's first textile design – a beautiful scarf with daring colours and a crazy pattern. 

Studio Mut is a graphic design studio of international repute, based in Bolzano, a small city in northern Italy, surrounded by high mountains.
Founded by Thomas Kronbichler and Martin Kerschbaumer, Studio Mut is specialised in identity, print, editorial and web design for clients spanning from art, culture and commerce. Communication Arts magazine called their design «rebellious», AIGA Magazine dubbed them «Poster Kings» and «Italy's friendliest graphic design studio». 



designed by Arianna Moroder


Arianna Moroder's project for Lottozero is a scarf with a theme that revolves around luck, luck, luck. 

Arianna Moroder was born in Bolzano in 1985, and grew up between the Dolomites and the Tuscan Apennine. She studied in Milan, Amsterdam and Berlin, before returning to Italy to work as a textile designer in the innovation and research team of Mantero Seta a textile company in Como. She continues her own personal research of artistic nature, and has exhibited in museums and galleries on various occasions.



designed by Coralie Prévert


CPLZ, Prévert's scarf for Lottozero, is a playful coloured design that comes in two variations: red or blue. 

Coralie Prévert was born in France in 1982. After studying textile design in Milan, she worked in Como, Milan and Florence. In 2014 she began designing her own collection of scarves with prints inspired by her travels and the decorative arts. She currently lives and works in Paris. 




Anna Deflorian 𐄂 Lottozero has loud colours, layers and a hint of absurdity; a scarf with a statement.

Anna Deflorian was born in Trento in 1985 and studied illustration in Bologna and Hamburg. She published her first book "Roghi" with Canicola and her second book for San Francisco publisher Youth in Decline is due out soon. She worked as an illustrator for several international clients, including the New York Times. Her artistic production is made up of comics, pencil drawings, book illustrations, oil paintings and ceramics. She lives and works in Trento.