Graphic Design:  Muttnik

Graphic Design: Muttnik

Taking part in the revolution

There is a certain pleasure in recognising something that was well made.

That is why for the second year Lottozero participated in the Fashion Revolution week with a two-day event, on the weekend of April 21st and 22nd: the Fashion Revolution Fair.

The event was something between a showroom and an exhibition, in which the public was able to witness the work of tailors and dressmakers live, ask for their advice, buy fine fabrics from invited textile retailers or directly commission a bespoke piece.

The goal was to reconnect the public to production, to the value of work, to handmade unique piece and more in general to quality in textile production and tailoring attracting attention to the issue of "who made my clothes", the main theme of the initiative Fashion Revolution.



Three of the best fabric stock retailers of Prato, were present at the event, exhibiting and selling their high quality fabrics, trimmings and sewing accessories.

  • Tex Ingro – The company was found in 1998 and has been a leading company in the textile industry ever since. Each individual roll of stock fabric is controlled to guarantees an extremely high level of quality.
  • Textus – Textus fits into the context of strong tradition, while seeking to adapt to the needs that the global market requires: the sale of stock material with accuracy, fast delivery, high quality, wide choice, very competitive price.
  • Aviem Tessuti – Aviem is a Montemurlo based company found in 1988 by Maria and Massimo. The family-run company has a great passion for its work. "We only buy from prestigious Italian companies", explains Maria, "Our strength lies in our search for the new, our knowledge of tailoring technique, and our ability to make interesting combinations.
 Photo: Rachele Salvioli

 Photo: Rachele Salvioli

Photo: Rachele Salvioli

Photo: Rachele Salvioli


Tailors and dressmakers both local and international, selected trough an open call, were invited to work directly in the space and could exhibit and sell their unique pieces.


Jimi Roos

PILVI kids

Paolo Di Landro

Yojiro Kake

Sartoria Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato



Persuading people that it's better to have less of something good than a lot of bad things is not difficult when you put them in the position of experiencing good design and excellent quality.

That is why during the round table talk "Sustainability in the Fashion System" very practical issues were tackled in order to find day to day solutions to questions of consumer awareness.

Our fabulous panel: 

  • Marco Badiani, art director, editor and entrepreneur
  • Sauro Ballerini, owner of Nowar Vintage Clothing
  • Paolo Di Landro, fashion designer
  • The Packing Man, artisanal lifestyle brand
  • Francesca Rulli, founder of 4sustainability and partner at Process Factory
 Photo: Rachele Salvioli

 Photo: Rachele Salvioli


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Photos: Rachele Salvioli