The Kunsthalle is Lottozero’s exhibition space, where we periodically present the results of research and experiments developed by the artists and designers who work at Lottozero. The Lottozero Kunsthalle investigates why the textile factor plays such an important role in contemporary artistic research, and places itself as an independent entity and vessel for a wide range of visions.

Photo: Rene Riller

Photo: Rene Riller

Lottozero at Museion Studio House

For the entire year 2019, MUSEION, Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art in Bolzano invited Lottozero, to curate the program of the Studio House, a project room annexed to the museum with the aim of hosting independent spaces.

Lottozero proposed a cycle of three appointments, each dedicated to a site-specific intervention by an artist, united by a recurring textile element, a medium with numerous technical, material and conceptual potentials, capable of conveying highly varied narratives and research.

Supported financially by the Province of South Tyrol, division Deutsche Kultur, and the Municipality of Bolzano.



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