An incredible Thank You to our SPONSORS

It is so hard to find companies willing to support eccentric projects like ours, that gives us a whole new and full appreciation for the ones that do, and we would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you to them:

To the ones supporting the incredible refurbishing of our headquarters:

EWO with their fantastic Led lighting solutions

Grohe with their innovative Blue Pure water filtering system

Artemide with their iconic lamps

Guarducci Mario with their close to perfection construction work on our site

ESTRA for being our Energy partner


To the ones supporting our opening exhibition

Lanificio Mannelli with their incredible wool fabrics

Mantero Seta with their incredible silk fabrics

Fiumiflex with their matresses for optimal sleeping comfort

Epson Italia with their incredible projectors

Cibino with the incredible food our artists will get to eat while they are in Prato

Carta Zucchero with the fantastic sweets they are giving us in the morning

Gedac for the coffee we'll drink in the morning

Fotoprint for printing our flyers 

Grafix WIDE for printing our banners

Tessa Moroder