As part of the CreativeWear Project, which seeks to recover and highlight design heritage and “artisanal” knowledge of Mediterranean cultures by bringing renewed creative energy to clusters and industrial districts…

Lottozero is looking for 4 textile designer to complete a 2 week residency each in the heart of the textile district of Prato. The designers will be living in the Lottozero residency apartment and working in collaboration/mentorship with Lottozero and with some of the key figures of the leading textile companies of the district.
The selected designers will have the opportunity to access and work with the historical textile archives of some of the most prestigious active businesses of Prato and of the Museo del Tessuto. Scope of the project is to give them a new interpretation and to use them as a base for new textile products.

What does this residency provide?
• A two week stay between the 22th of January and the 25th of March (please indicate your preference in the application) 
• Access to Lottozero's shared, co-working space and laboratory in Prato and to the textile archives of the participating companies of Prato and of the Textile Museum
• Ongoing logistical support and mentorship from the Lottozero staff and technical support from the companies, for the successful realization and/or development of the project
• Participation in company and museum visits

Please submit a C.V. with motivation letter outlining your goals for the residency and any past or current projects relating to textiles; your portfolio or website/instagram to

Applications are due December 22, 2017.
Applicants will be notified by January 15, 2017
The two week residency must take place between the 22th of January and the 25th of March.

Tessa Moroder