Fashion Revolution Fair 2018

Fashion Revolution Fair 2018

It’s time to rediscover Italian production, the value of labor, made to measure, handmade and the quality in textile production and tailoring in general.

The Fashion Revolution Fair for quality fabrics and sartorial craftsmanship, is something between a showroom and an exhibition, in which the main actors are:

  • The fabric stockists of the city of Prato, who will exhibit and sell their high quality fabrics.
  • The tailors/dressmakers both local and international, who will work directly in the space and can exhibit and sell their unique pieces.
  • The public who will witness the work of tailors/dressmakers live, ask for their advice, buy fine fabrics or directly commission a bespoke piece

The goal of the project is to reconnect the public with production, with the value of work, with handmade unique piece and more in general with quality in textile production and tailoring. A second objective is to create new synergies between creative agents, commercial and the public by promoting exchange and growth, and, of course, to attract attention to the issue of "who made my clothes", the main theme of the initiative Fashion Revolution.

Saturday April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lottozero / textile laboratories, Via Arno 10, 59100 Prato 

Tessa Moroder