Fashion Revolution Fair 2018
Fashion Revolution Fair 2018

It’s time to rediscover Italian production, the value of labor, made to measure, handmade and the quality in textile production and tailoring in general.

The Fashion Revolution Fair for quality fabrics and sartorial craftsmanship, is something between a showroom and an exhibition, in which the main actors are:

  • The fabric stockists of the city of Prato, who will exhibit and sell their high quality fabrics.
  • The tailors/dressmakers both local and international, who will work directly in the space and can exhibit and sell their unique pieces.
  • The public who will witness the work of tailors/dressmakers live, ask for their advice, buy fine fabrics or directly commission a bespoke piece

The goal of the project is to reconnect the public with production, with the value of work, with handmade unique piece and more in general with quality in textile production and tailoring. A second objective is to create new synergies between creative agents, commercial and the public by promoting exchange and growth, and, of course, to attract attention to the issue of "who made my clothes", the main theme of the initiative Fashion Revolution.

Saturday April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lottozero / textile laboratories, Via Arno 10, 59100 Prato 

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PHASE : TALK + NIGHT (2nd date/Algorithms)
Renick Bell.jpg

Come and join us at Lottozero on Friday March 23rd for the opening part of the TALK + NIGHT event by Prato-based collective PHASE, who focuses on key topics of the modern society. Friday’s night will look into the importance of algorithms — how they have been invading our world. The event starts with an aperitivo + dj set + talk featuring Federico Nejrotti (director of "Motherboard Italia", online magazine dedicated to the intersection between technology, science and human beings on the VICE platform), Manuel Recoil (Cypherpunk and crypto enthusiast, expert in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain), Claudia D'Alonzo (PhD in Audiovisual Studies, professor of Net Art at the Academy of Brera in Milan and of Media Phenomenology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo), Renick Bell (researcher, programmer and author of computer music, living in Tokyo ).

After the talk we'll all head to Spazio Materia (Via Genova 17) from 23.00 for DJ sets and concerts with world-famous artists including Renick Bell, on the only Italian date of his European tour.

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BioShades workshop And Talk - dyeing with bacteria
Bio Shades

Learn about the potential of dyeing with bacteria, dye with bacteria yourself and get to know other TCBL lab [] members and workshop participants across Europe during the workshop!

On Thursday March 15th, during a three hour distributed workshop you will learn about the potential of dyeing with bacteria, you will dye with bacteria yourself.
The workshop takes place at TextileLab Amsterdam – Waag and is streamed live at Lottozero where our instructors will lead you through the process step by step. 

The workshop is followed by a live streamed talk on Bacteria Dying which is open to everybody.

14.30 Doors open
15.00 The workshop starts: get to know the other workshop participants across Europe!
15.15 Introduction of bacteria dyeing
15.30 Hands-on workshop
17.30 Instructions for next steps
18.00 End workshop

20:00 Talk

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As part of the CreativeWear Project, which seeks to recover and highlight design heritage and “artisanal” knowledge of Mediterranean cultures by bringing renewed creative energy to clusters and industrial districts…

Lottozero is looking for 4 textile designer to complete a 2 week residency each in the heart of the textile district of Prato. The designers will be living in the Lottozero residency apartment and working in collaboration/mentorship with Lottozero and with some of the key figures of the leading textile companies of the district.
The selected designers will have the opportunity to access and work with the historical textile archives of some of the most prestigious active businesses of Prato and of the Museo del Tessuto. Scope of the project is to give them a new interpretation and to use them as a base for new textile products.

What does this residency provide?
• A two week stay between the 22th of January and the 25th of March (please indicate your preference in the application) 
• Access to Lottozero's shared, co-working space and laboratory in Prato and to the textile archives of the participating companies of Prato and of the Textile Museum
• Ongoing logistical support and mentorship from the Lottozero staff and technical support from the companies, for the successful realization and/or development of the project
• Participation in company and museum visits

Please submit a C.V. with motivation letter outlining your goals for the residency and any past or current projects relating to textiles; your portfolio or website/instagram to

Applications are due December 22, 2017.
Applicants will be notified by January 15, 2017
The two week residency must take place between the 22th of January and the 25th of March.

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From October 1st to November 11th, Lottozero will be OCCUPIED by French artists Robin Darius Dolatyari e Chloé Rozycka Sapelkine. 
They will completely take over the Lottozero headquarter, in Via Arno 10 in Prato, which will become their living and productive space, and will be open to the public 24 hours a day.
The occupation will start with a concert by sound artist and musician Giovanni Lami, and will be followed by a neighborhood pasta party.

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Opening Micro Lottozero Store
Micro Lottozero Store


Starting September 30th Lottozero will open its first shop ever! We participated in the tender created by the City of Prato to assign over 30 empty shops in the center of town for a period spanning from the end of September to the middle of January and we WON! 

That means that in the next 4 months you will have a chance to shop all the amazing artists, designers and textiles we have selected for you (TALK ABOUT SUPER DUPER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS) 

We will be organising events and special presentations with our very favourite ones, so follow our facebook page to be updated, and if you are an artist or designer, feel free to submit your work per email at!

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After months of waiting, we are happy, excited and proud to announce that we WON the culturability tender! We worked SO HARD on this project and could never have done it without the support of so many of you as you stood by us and helped us on this journey. Knowing that we were picked among only 5 projects out of 429 very valid projects that were submitted gives us an increased motivation and passion for the future. (read our interview in Italian here)
An extra special thanks goes to the ones putting in the legwork, critiquing our proposal, taking photos and videos, designing and overall supporting us. Thanks to the culturability team, especially Roberta Franceschinelli, Elisa Paluan, and our tutor Matteo Boccia, we have had the best time in Naples and Bologna with you. Thanks to Fondazione Unipolis, Make a Cube³ Avanzi - Sostenibilità per Azioni and Fondazione Fitzcarraldo for making this all possible. We've grown and learned so much. Last but not least, thanks to our partners Museo del TessutoCittà di PratoFabLab Toscana.
We can't wait to start with the next step of our project, the completion of the textile laboratory. We'll keep you updated!!

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STANDARD INCOMPARABLE, with YOUR handwoven pieces opening in Meran!

Remember when we helped our friends at Kunstmeranoarte to find weavers from all over Italy, who wanted to seize the opportunity to participate in an outstanding collective art project by American artist Helen Mirra?

Well over 20 of you responded sending so many different and incredible handwoven pieces to Merano that will be added to Helen Mirra's travelling library of handwoven pieces from all over the world, the resulting exhibition, Standard Incomparable is opening on July 21th in Meran, and is absolutely not to be missed!

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Great news! Our coworking space is now open. We are looking forward to welcoming you to work at our beautiful headquarters. Lottozero has also become a registered, qualified coworking space of the region. The GiovaniSì project is assigning vouchers for freelancers under 40 to pay for shared studios and coworking spaces in Tuscany! This means you could come work at our beautiful headquarters in Prato for free!
Don't wait, apply now, the time of the tender is limited to July.
Otherwise check out all the details here!
Any questions?

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Textile Camp Summer Camp: an immersion in the Heritage of Prato Industrial City
Textile Summer camp

Prato and its industrial heritage are of international interest for textile art and design and we are really looking forward to presenting this inspiring city to people from all over the world.

This workshop is aimed at students and young designers of different disciplines, and serves as an introduction to the great design heritage of the city’s Textile Museum and some of the many textile companies that are still active in town. It will be a 5 day intensive immersion in the pratese textile district.

Duration: 5 days

Dates: 03.07. — 07.07.2017

Group: we will be holding the camp with a minimum of 10 people up to a maximum of 15 people.

Reserve your space NOW! Registration will be open until June 15th, write to us at


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Textile Summer Camp is coming to Prato!
2 design office2.jpg

GREAT NEWS!! We are so excited to announce our Textile Summer Camp, a TCBL Museo del Tessuto design Lab project. 5 days of full immersion in the heritage of the Industrial City of Prato. Workshops, seminars, company visits, you name it! Come join us in Prato from the 3rd to the 7th of July.

More info coming on Monday!

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We have been selected for the final round of CULTURABILITY!

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to go on to the final rounds of the CULTURABILITY tender. 

We will be joining 15 projects from all over Italy for two incredible workshops that will help us refine our project and business plan and we have the opportunity to become 1 of the 5 winners, that will receive special mentoring and a 50.000 Euro prize from Fondazione UNIPOLIS.

Wish us LUCK!!

Tessa Moroder
SPATIAL POETRY - a solo exhibition by Farkhondeh Shahroudi

Spatial Poetry

Farkhondeh Shahroudi

Villa Romana fellow 2017

First solo exhibition curated by Alessandra Tempesti

25.05.2017 – 18.06.2017

Lottozero / Textile Laboratories presents the first Italian solo exhibition by Farkohondeh Shahroudi, an Iranian artist living in Berlin for over twenty years. With a series of recent works created during her prizeresidency at Villa Romana in Florence, the artist shapes a poetic narrative with her three-dimensional creatures, made of cloth and sewn by hand. Sculpture, installation and poetry are the languages through which she has developed a multifaceted, polyphonic body of work throughout the years, nourished by past and present history, in a social and personal, intimate and political dimension.

25.05.2017 18:30
Artist talk
13.06.2017 18:30
18.06.2017 18:30


In collaboration with: Villa Romana
Supported by: The city of Prato
Technical Sponsor: Aviem Tessuti

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Fair for quality fabrics and sartorial craftsmanship for the comeback of sustainable consumption.

Fashion Revolution: who made my clothes? I chose it myself!

There is a certain pleasure in recognizing something that was well done. It is better to have less of something good that a lot of bad things.
It's time to rediscover Italian production, the value of labour, made to measure, handmade and the quality in textile production and tailoring in general.
At this fair you'll be able to see tailors and designers at work, buy fine fabrics, seek advice or commission a bespoke piece on the spot.

With the presence of the tailors and designers

Violeta Nevenova
Alessandra Jane,
Andrea Moretti Sartoria,
Ang un bebé,
Chiara Ciabatti per Camiceria Baldini,
Eugen Nita

and three of the best fabric stock retailers in Prato
Aviem Tessuti
Tex Ingro

with the support of CNA Federmoda 
and Birrificio Badalà 
media partner Pratosfera

Link to the facebook event here.

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Artist talk with LUCA VANELLO

Thursday March 30th, during a public roundtable talk about Lana Rigenerata, one of the tipical textile products of the Prato area, Luca Vanello will talk about his artistic projects including the latest one focused on this specific topic. We have some illustrious guests, like Roberto Gualtieri, president of Gruppo Colle, and young entrepreneur Giuseppe Alocca, of Lofoio. Always wanted to know more about this product and never had the chance? Come! (yes we will translate to English)

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