Rencontre 1 , bricks, net, wool, 2017. Photo: Alessandro Destro

Rencontre 1, bricks, net, wool, 2017. Photo: Alessandro Destro

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Robin Darius Dolatyari & Chloé Rozycka Sapelkine

Invited for a residency, the two young French artists have literally occupied the Lottozero space, living in it, and transforming its appearance.

Their first intervention was to construct the area in which they actually slept as a sort of permeable tent, made of diagonal trajectories and curved lines, bringing together heterogeneous materials such as the roughness of cement and the innovative textile processing that then become a support for further narratives: the flags concealed in the woven tufts of wool recall their country of origin, while the hammock is a suspended ceiling on which to design a vista of the city of Prato from above, in felt.



They carried out their research between personal memories and observations in the present, of a city (Prato) to discover and scour with virgin eyes, soaked with light and colour, and available for an encounter.

The works all have the same title, Rencontre, combined with a number, to explore what happened in the encounters that gave rise to the ideas, and first of all to the materials, found and not looked for. Like the hammock, or the white ceramic tiles that were collected in the street and then transformed into a rug.

Rencontre 6 , stitched fabrics. Photo: Alessandro Destro

Rencontre 6, stitched fabrics. Photo: Alessandro Destro

Rencontre 8 , costumes, performance, 2017. Photo: Masha Gudova

Rencontre 8, costumes, performance, 2017. Photo: Masha Gudova


The first encounter is that of the two artists (who met at the Paris Duperré School of Applied Arts), and consists of the deliberate choice to open their own creative universe to the other, in a daily exercise of listening and trust that led them to make the theme of androgyny their main field of research.

The artists play with these in-between bodies that recall an original condition of being, and they do it with an evident inspiration from Picasso that runs through all their production, even the costumes created for the performance, masks of thick padding made to amplify rather than hide a second skin, designed in thread.


Photos: Alessandro Destro, Masha Gudova, Rachele Salvioli





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