Working directly with the pieces of the collection, Photo: Alessio Lucarini

Working directly with the pieces of the collection, Photo: Alessio Lucarini

approaching the archive.

Creative design methodology workshop for the elaboration of archives and collections

Starting from the collection on display in the exhibition "Across Art and Fashion" this 2 day workshop is aimed at providing participants with tools for re-elaborating archive material and collections and using it as basis of inspiration and starting point for new projects.



  • Guided exhibition tour: "How to observe the collection, see and be inspired."
  • Lecture: "Pattern as an interpretative key"
  • Recognizing the identity and the main characteristics of the collection objects
  • Lecture: "Working with the archive: references and contemporary examples"
  • Dexterity and practice: interpreting the artifact through deconstruction
  • Mark making; the application of experimental practices to production activities of the participating designers
 Photo: Alessio Lucarini

 Photo: Alessio Lucarini

 Photo: Alessio Lucarini

 Photo: Alessio Lucarini

Learning new design tools

The workshop is open to fashion and design students (textile/interior/graphic), young freelance designers of all disciplines, operators and employees of textile companies, and anyone who feels the need to renew their creative processes by adding the dimension of working with collections and archives of the past.

The practical approach taken allows the featured techniques to be learned and applied directly in ones own creative work, independently of the specific field or media. 


The workshop "Re/collection: approaching the archive " is organised by the Museo del Tessuto Foundation in collaboration with Lottozero / textile laboratories during the last days of the exhibition "Across Art and Fashion", on show at the Museum until February 19th 2017.

The workshop has be held during the weekend of February 18th and 19th at the Design Lab of the Museo del Tessuto Prato, as part of the activities of the European project TCBL ( led by the Municipality of Prato.

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A second edition of "Re/collection: approaching the archive" is in the works, please stay in touch for updates.

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Photos: Alessio Lucarini