Photo: Martino Di Napoli Rampolla

Photo: Martino Di Napoli Rampolla

the space

Numeroventi is a peaceful retreat from the velocity of modern day life, located in the heart of Florence within the historic Palazzo Galli Tassi – dated 1510.

The interiors are designed specifically for relaxation – it's an ideal space in which to unwind. 

Travellers are offered an expansive living experience as BnB while established and emerging artists are given a place to stay and work through a residency and a gallery space which hosts exhibitions, events, workshops and business meetings.


The collaboration

The collaboration between Numeroventi and Lottozero/textile laboratories was born out of the desire to create a personalised textile home accessory which would reflect the modesty of the clean shapes of Numeroventi's refined interiors.

One of the priorities in our research was to give value to the tradition of local manufacturing. This was respected by using a typical textile and working with skilled crafts people of the area. The result is a unique and sophisticated high end product which is conceptually rooted in the territory, but universally recognisable for it's quality.

The typical wool made by the weaving mills in Prato 

The typical wool made by the weaving mills in Prato 

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the n20 Blanket

Lottozero/textile laboratories has developed and produced a small collection of bespoke blankets made from the traditional material of Prato: thick coat weight twill woven with recycled wool fibres. 

The short sides are hand finished in blanket stitch of various colours matching the materials. The long sides are left unfinished and reveal the characteristic selvedges of the fabric, which best expresse the narrative of the historic wool district.

The numbered pieces are finished off with an embroidered signature by numeroventi.

The blankets are availeble by requested or directly at numeroventi, Florence.