ROGHI BOOK by Anna Deflorian

ROGHI BOOK by Anna Deflorian


The hunt for a wild man from the entire community, the morbid relations between three young cousins and antagonists, the magnetic force of nature, fire. On the background of a European mountainous place, the madness and boredom of a group of teenagers and the mystery around a different and mysterious figure. An allegory of persecution in a post-modern key, for a large format album where oil painting resembles china and color in digital.

28 pages, colour, Italian with English subtitles
30 cm x 42 cm
printed in Italy by Canicola edizioni

Anna Deflorian was born in Trento, Italy. After having studied in Bologna and Hamburg, she moved to Budapest and then Dubai, where she currently lives. She works as a freelance illustrator and designer, for a range of International clients, both editorial and commercial. Her body of work also consists in painting, silkscreen print, ceramics, and recently in textile design.

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