SCARF by Karolina Jurikova

SCARF by Karolina Jurikova


Scarf by textile and fashion designer Karolina Jurikova, part of her graduate collection, which focuses on the rehabilitation of profaned Czechoslovakian textile tapestry technique Art Protis. This product is sustainable and ecological as the wool yarns used to make the scarf are wastes from textile factories. The scarf is black and dark blue with colourful details.

Wool and nylon
130 x 50 cm
Made in Czech Republic

Karolina Jurikova graduated from the atelier of Fashion and Footwear Design at Prague’s AAAD and completed an internship at Vienna’s Universität für angewandte Kunst Vienna. She intuitively demarcates herself against the traditionally perceived role of a fashion designer. Her wide range of work oscillates on the edge of design and art as intentionally accentuates a dialogue between the two worlds. She deals in her works with themes of the context of the relationship between humans and dress, contemporary society and fashion. Clothing for her is medium of choice, which she uses for questioning and subtle critique. Her natural way of expression is to work with textiles and the typology of garment.

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