BIOBAG by Clara Davis

BIOBAG by Clara Davis


BioBags is an environmental project about how to replace plastic bags with biodegradable materials. A plastic bag takes about 450 years to disintegrate in nature. This BioBag made with gelatine base bioplastic is completely biodegradable. It takes about one week to dissolve completely in the water.

Bioplastic 100% biodegradable: 78% water, 16% gelatine, 6% glycerol
20 x 28 cm
Fabricated in Spain

Clara Davis is a French - American textile designer currently living in Barcelona. She is passionate about patterns, weaving and discovering new biomaterials. Working in the FabTextiles in Fab Lab Barcelona, she broadened her perspectives of design & fashion industry and she always seeks to discover new methods and materials that are ethically sound and sustainable.



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