Lottozero: Center for textile design, art and exchange with an open lab for textile production, experimentation and research — based in Prato, Italy.


Lottozero’s mission is to create a fertile environment for textile research and experimentation in design and art, and an international base for networking in the textile sector.

We encourage and support the development of emerging talent of textile design through international talent scouting and targeted residencies in our headquarters in Prato, one of the main textile districts of Europe.

We bring talented, motivated, young European designers to Prato, Italy. We initiate an exchange between traditional textile production companies, by showing them new means for creative innovation, and young textile designers, by putting them in contact with companies who have the necessary technical know-how to produce their creations.

Lottozero opened its doors to the public on October 15th 2016 with an exhibition and a sleep concert, called Inside Lottozero.

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We design textiles, we help companies and textile designers get in touch with one another, we search for the best new styles and trends. We also help with the practical production of many designs by up and coming textile and fashion designers.


Someone described us as a Fab Lab for textile design, and we love it! Knitting, silkscreen printing, felting, weaving, dying, sewing, laser cutting... you name it! Our labs are open to anyone who wants to use them.


We invite people from all over the world to our residency project in Prato, we are open to propositions and at the end of the stay we hold an exhibition in our Kunsthalle.


The Lottozero headquarter is quite big, overall about 400 square meters, it’s a beautiful space and we share it with other artists, designers, creatives and whoever would like to work here. Please get in touch to reserve your space.


Our Opening Exhibition



Via Arno 10
59100 Prato

+39 340 2787854




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