F/W 2014 – Afternoon Of A Replicant  Photo: Peter Stigter

F/W 2014 – Afternoon Of A Replicant Photo: Peter Stigter

the Designer

Liselore Frowijn is a dutch fashion designer based in Amsterdam.

Lottozero met Liselore Frowijn back in 2014 when she was working on the heritage collection for Mantero Seta.
Ever since she has not only become part of our network of creative professionals, but also a very precious friend.

As a designer, she feels the continuous drive to capture and retransmit the energy she gets from art, music, people, and different cultures. For her, fashion is the best medium to weave all these different threads together into one eclectic outcome. Fashion is her playing field, and her challenge is to discover the unexpected. Her designs walk the fine line between high and low culture, each new piece a living painting carefully constructed to achieve the perfect balance between aestheticism and imperfection. 

Her designs are for women with a curious heart; explorers at the core, ambitious and independent. 


Sourcing Locally

Liselore was quick to jump onto Lottozero’s challenge to help designers source Italian materials for the best possible quality in their productions. As outerwear and sportswear are a recurring theme in her creative and technical approach, what better place to search for fabrics than Prato!

Lottozero took the task of presenting Liselore Frowijn's work to a series of fabric manufacturers around the district and successfully hooked the designer up with some of the best mills for wool cloth. 

Two traditional textile factories, Lanificio RIcceri and Lanificio Bisentino were the main sources for beautiful wool coat fabrics, which took center stage at the presentation of the collection during Paris Fashion Week in February 17. Also Archivio B from Florence collaborated in the creation of a stunning knitted pink dress.

Al three companies are family run businesses, with roots deeply planted in the history of the district. All three of them strive to innovate without ever losing the notion of their identity and their long time heritage.

It was a perfect match!

Liselore and Guido from Lanificio Bisentino looking at archive materials

Liselore and Guido from Lanificio Bisentino looking at archive materials

F/W 2018 – Cosmos, Paris fashion show

F/W 2018 – Cosmos, Paris fashion show

F/W2018 – cosmos

Frowijn’s collection is an outdoor rather than sporty proposal, while still attaching herself to the sophisticated prints she has always gone for.

Throughout her collection there were shades of grey and red, yellow and blue, colours that the Dutch sculptor Alfred Eikelenboom (1936-2014) often used. References to colours of India were also considered, an other perspective for a referential metropolis today. Frowijn created gradient prints for silk and wool fabrics that show the transition the world is in at the moment as well as working with Dutch VLISCO-wax patterns.
This street-like inspired collection is about the freedom of movement, illuminating an ideal woman who can unexpectedly divert her path with comfort.

Through collaborating with different suppliers, Frowijn also shows that by joining forces we can transcend to a whole new level and form an army of positive energy to conquer all the madness, and communicate a new language. Lottozero is thrilled to be part of that army!

Liselore Frowijn's Fall/Winter 2018 Paris show: