David Littler / Travels with a music box


Lottozero Kunsthalle will be presenting a selection of works by artists we have collaborated with in the past years and that are united by their interest in researching the textile matter. Work for sale will be by Elena Khurtova (RU/NL) and Marie Ilse Bourlanges (FR/NL), Anna Rose (USA/IT), Virginie Rebetez (CH), Farkhondeh Shahroudi (IR/DE), Claudia Losi (IT).

For the occasion David Littler, sound and visual artist from England, will present the world premiere of “Travels with a music box”, his new performance series of improvised solo sound pieces uniting his work with traditional UK textile folk songs and field recordings with punch card patterns from the textile industry, in order to create immersive sonic environments created using all parts of the music box and live sampling processes.
Concert starts at 18.30.

Picture: Khurtova/Bourlanges, "Disrupted Systems", black porcelain, glazed, 2011

Tessa Moroder