CREAZIONI URBANE: a SLOW-FASHION workshop at Lottozero

Workshop Creazioni Urbane

For CREAZIONI URBANE; the summer program of the city of Prato we will be holding a series of workshops designed to revisit and redesign old, unused clothes and accessories. The participants will bring their own garments from home and during the workshops they will learn and experiment various techniques with which they can give their pieces new life.

Each workshop will start with an introduction that illustrates some examples of designers and artists that are significant for the themes and techniques of the workshop, which can inspire participants to interesting and intelligent methodologies and approaches for the development of their project.

At the end of the workshop the participants will return home with a completely renewed garment.

9-11 July 2019 : Natural dyes

15-17 July 2019: Make it shine, working with the heat press

23-25 July 2019 Woolfill - the technique of Heleene Klopper

Tessa Moroder