Lottozero: Center for textile design, art and culture — based in Prato, Italy.


We operate both as a creative hub and as a design office/consultancy studio. Our 400-sqm headquarters are divided into an open laboratory for textile production, experimentation and research, a shared studio space/coworking and an exhibition area.

Lottozero’s mission is to create a fertile environment for textile research and experimentation in design and art, and an international base for networking in the textile sector.

We encourage and support the development of emerging talents of textile art and design through international scouting and targeted residencies in our headquarters in Prato, one of the main textile districts of Europe. We bring talented, motivated, young European artists to Prato. We initiate an exchange between local textile production companies and creative from all over the world. Our space is open and accessible to everyone.



The Lottozero headquarters occupy a warehouse in the Macrolottozero area of Prato, about 1.5 km from the city center and close to most of the productive areas in and around the city. It’s a beautiful open space shared by artists, designers and other professionals. Not only is it a welcoming and stimulating coworking environment but also an ideal space for presentations, teaching – classroom and workshops, meetings, conferences, photo shoots and much more.

residencies at Lottozero

The residence is the perfect place for fashion and textile designers coming to the industrial city of Prato. It includes the stay in our fully-equipped private apartment and the possibility to work inside the Lottozero/textile laboratories headquarters.
If you are in town to look for fabrics or to source production this is the perfect place for you


The Kunsthalle is Lottozero’s exhibition space, where we periodically present the results of research and experiments developed by the artists and designers who work at Lottozero. We give space to artistic positions driven by an original and acute thought and place ourselves as an independent entity inside the standard art system and vessel for a wide range of creative visions.


The work we do with our design office/consultancy studio is aimed at designers, artists, brands and institutions. We provide personalized services to anyone interested in the world of textiles, textile art and fashion. We complement the extensive knowledge, expertise and production capacity of the historical textile district by our huge and reliable network of excellent creative collaborators that we have scouted all over the world.


The textile laboratories are open to the public!
Silkscreen printing, felting, weaving, dying, sewing, knitting… you name it! Our labs are open to anyone who wants to use them.

Lottozero Team, chairs by CRAAFTS, Photo: Rachele Salvioli

Lottozero Team, chairs by CRAAFTS, Photo: Rachele Salvioli


Via Arno 10
59100 Prato

+39 0574 22883




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